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Umbrella industry characteristic village to create

      In the Chinese umbrella township nanyang circulating a phrase: xiaoshan umbrella industry see nanyang, south parasols industry see the peng. Nanyang the earliest umbrella industry enterprise is established in the village of flowers, and then gradually development. At present (the village has been umbrella industry enterprise 40, which belongs to the streets over the scale umbrella industry enterprise have 7 home, engaged in the work of the common people umbrella industry is hundreds of thousands.
Itself has the advantage of umbrella industry development, how to highlight the umbrella industry brands, building umbrella industry culture, became the village (great concern. Now, the peng village tight grasp new opportunity to create the countryside characteristic village to highlight the umbrella industry cluster, livable horizontal peng is characteristic, the umbrella industry industrial concentration and development as the theme building main body, to formulating relevant planning, invest a lot of manpower and material resources, and actively create a livable, appropriate industry umbrella industry characteristic village.
      The entrance of the tent CunDong are installing construction frame which is fabricated according, south entrance unique style of pink-and-white LOGO has been stood up,golf umbrella  6 piece of distinctive characteristics of umbrella industry culture LOGO and the sign has also deployed, 300 meters long righteousness the downtown (umbrella industry of the street facade transformation in progress...... Umbrella industry characteristics of village for these little image is the change and gradually enhanced.
      These external image make is to create umbrella industry characteristic village part of the job, the CunDangWei (secretary of JinGuoWei is introduced: "create umbrella industry characteristic village total spent about 10 million yuan, engineering points this year, in addition to phase external image construction, but also will complete a lot of related projects, such as migrant workers a phase of the project, complete apartment the village mad and public places, and to ensure that the lamp installation level of road lighting rate was 85%, etc."
      External image promotion, facilities to go up, the umbrella industry agglomeration atmosphere more strong, nature can also help the village umbrella industry enterprises to improve their image, and help them to hit brand, and expand the market. Founded in 2006, hangzhou west hongye umbrella industry Co., LTD is a young (the village of umbrella industry enterprise, but development is rapid, from a family of small mill development to more than 10000 square meters factory, staff from a dozen expand for, the enterprise forward step.
      Enterprise leading brands "west" has become a famous brand and product brand xiaoshan, is going to be the municipal brand products. folding umbrella At the beginning ChenGuoLi enterprise general manager from "the west lake to the west than, thick makeup weak wipe always fitting" this poem thought of "west" brand. To umbrella industry emotional ChenGuoLi to the industry's development is also confident: "horizontal peng village is the core of the south parasols industry in the village, the village now going to create umbrella industry characteristics, the more incentive our village enterprise to an umbrella industry do fine and stronger." Next, enterprise external wall will be according to the arrangement unified paint, outside still will decorate greening, improve the whole image.
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
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