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To build the western umbrella are lifted the villagers venture hot

      "In summer vacation at home, not only enriched the seam umbrella holiday, oneself also can work to make money." 15,, in the mountains XinQiaoZhen partial rock village three groups LiHuaJun of home, the daughter of LiHuaJun suture umbrella when it told reporters.
      LiHuaJun told reporters, before they usually is mainly to do farm work beach umbrella and take care of his family, source of income is only growing vegetables income. Now, use free time at home to frame and umbrella surface processed, a month for 1000 yuan.
       According to understand, since the emperor Lin umbrella industry company in XinQiaoZhen, XinQiaoZhen umbrella in the west are construction as the carrier, stimulate entrepreneurial activity, from people to people for entrepreneurial training of the venture lit enthusiasm. At present has mobilized more than 800 villagers the umbrella surface processgolf umbrella at home. XinQiaoZhen strive to before the end of September in the town the villages made development 3 to 5 a group leader, through the group leader drive farmers at home umbrella industry processing. Before the end of September development 5000 farmers obtain employment, realize the end of 10000 farmers obtain employment. "1025" during training hundreds of small business owner, folding umbrella leading to thousands of families, workshops venture, drive tens of thousands of people in employment.
      Create an atmosphere of business in the at the same time, xinqiao positive thrusting western umbrella all make. The town set up a secretary of the party committee, the mayor for leader of the organization advancing west umbrella all make. Main leaders of the working group in the district party committee led down to related fujian umbrella industry children umbrella  development in advanced base construction, production and operation mode, the scale of production and effect, investment promotion of study advanced experience. The west is creating specific solutions are umbrella further perfection. The town and the city, area each related department is to strengthen cooperation, completes the project positioning, the eia, project, location, design and plant construction, for enterprise established in provide superior environment and factors security.
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
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