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To all supporting the umbrella "wings" the strong

      An umbrella, because love, born of the product, with one umbrella, rain counterparts; An umbrella, is YanYu blooming in jiangnan rose, the urban village compose ACTS the role of the beauty of poetry.
In the "Chinese umbrella country" nanyang street YanFeng village, there is such a and umbrella has the indissoluble bond of the villagers, he searing love and ZhiCan body, to all hold up a share the joys and sorrows of the umbrella, falling apart a beautiful sky.
      November 9, in the afternoon, we walked into a hangzhou CSL leaves umbrella industry Co., LTD. Front door, right against the met the smiling enterprise "beach umbrella  chief executive" high appropriate is built.
"Wings" will strive to fly
      Just a takes a seat, high and put the hand should be built, connect said they have little words. Interviews become a "Taiwan".
      Youth should be built high because of polio, lead to the left hand disability, can't dry weight of the physical strength live. 14 years old, my father died, the home life is more difficult. In 1993, 32 years old should be built the high friend introduced to hangzhou GuanJianZhu site, this does is a few years. 36 after a family, he in a hangzhou area doorway's a food shop, but the good time store business gone from bad to worse.
      "Life is not a way to store by driving, have to beat myself a new world." High appropriate built initiation of the thought of factories.
      In 2002, nanyang umbrella industry had started. Others have a few slow than clap of high appropriate built, determination in cardiac a gamble on the umbrella industry. That year, he started up only five or six workers family small mill, and for their own products take name but quite have the artistic conception-" day ", meaning god works.
      But the first years had a business sudden "SARS". golf umbrella 160000 umbrella backlog in all warehouse, the lost 80000 yuan. But difficult not hold him back to the cause of the pursuit. The next year, he alone came to shenzhen, guangzhou, Shanghai to do market research, after coming home, who resolutely to make the choice: never give up, do big enterprise.
      The additional investment, recruiting, signed, "marketing", inside and outside of the travel, the yield increased to 700000 at once.
      9 years of marketer, rely on the honesty and quality to win the trust of customers. Shenzhen a  cooperation already a long time of customers under 10 million yuan this year the big orders, we also export to South Africa. This year is expected to total output value of the enterprise than in the early years of the 800000 yuan was turned over more than five transgressions, will break through 30 million yuan.
Enterprise do big, high appropriate to build awareness, with career advancement opportunities, with feeling with appropriate treatment to attract and hold, is the enterprise develop steadily major premise. He issued a length of service, and a series of wages incentives, every year organize employee free travel. Now CSL leaves umbrella industry full-time staff have more than 90 people.
      "For now, many small and medium-sized enterprise is in trouble, CSL leaves umbrella industry situation?" High appropriate built admitted, "money is not the problem, folding umbrella but the shortage of land resources is too, no land there is no way to expand the size of the enterprise." He is seeking to declare the land, the goal is the enterprise further develop and expand.
Bring blessings to the finish
      "Disabled people need help the disabled for granted." High appropriate built born to the disabled person has a loving feelings.
      On September 15, 2006, in the government's matchmaking condition, high appropriate established has built in the city of nanyang in 27 member disabled umbrella industry processing enterprise.
      For the village enterprise is responsible for disabled persons system umbrella processing provide the required material and accessories, sent door-to-door delivery, come to receive an umbrella, and also for the disabled training system umbrella technology, and to make YanFeng village and around the village of dozens of disabled people to achieve a truly "never leave home, home employment" desire.
High appropriate built told us a little story, the village, a blind man, and more than 70-year-old mother depended on each other, life is very difficult, and the high appropriate built the advice of both mother and child to join the enterprise. Then they slowly learned to sewing an umbrella, a revenue was also have ten thousand yuan, or after some day.
      To be with us to the enterprise YanFeng CunDangWei vice secretary in the side GaoZhiShui chime in and say: "enterprise in addition to paying the processing charges outside, but also for more than JianQuanRen 3 cents of every price subsidies for the disabled. children umbrella At present enterprise of the disabled membership has increased to 83 people, average per capita income broke through 10000 yuan."
      We come to the second floor workshop to visit. Sitting on the machine is expertly unlucky to a woman worker bead tell us, she is guizhou person, just come here to work. "Although I can't walk, legs but still very lucky to find the job, have a heart of say a grateful......" Say, the disabled woman worker excited to cry out of the sound.
      High appropriate built a gently down her, and a firmly: "my greatest wish, is do what I can more disabled brothers and sisters help, let they rely on one of the labor, and live a more beautiful day!"
And we in Taiwan, accompany us into the workshop, from beginning to end, smile has been hanging in high appropriate built in the face. The bright smile, is optimistic attitude toward life of understanding necessity, is the "wings" the strong confidence in the future reveal the truth.
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
Main Product:beach umbrella ,golf umbrella ,folding umbrella ,children umbrella
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