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Jinding umbrella industry responsibility hold up of sunny weather

      "We want to represent mansion umbrella industry in time for the disabled athletes hold up a piece of blue sky. Shaoxing jinding umbrella industry limited company President LvXin seedlings excited to say.
In addition to sponsor this time, umbrellas, security clothes, etc value RMB one million yuan of the products, jinding umbrella industry will also named in shaoxing, the venue of the swimming. "Take this opportunity, we are stepping up their development and sports related products, and strive to further rain gear launched jinding umbrella industry,beach umbrella mansion umbrella industry in zhejiang province and even the whole country, the awareness of the brand." LvXin seedlings said.
      In mansion umbrella industry history, LvXin seedlings had guided jinding umbrella industry created a lot of a "first" : the first apply for to establish the Co., LTD, the first for Shanghai five China system umbrella company brand designated production, dancing with the wolves; The first construction enterprise standard factory building, and take the lead from the family workshop production transition to the factory production; The first to apply for registration of enterprise trademark, took to the road of brand production; Is the first to join the national system umbrella industry association of private enterprises, in the reorganization after, was elected as the national system umbrella industry association, vice President of the first, to enhance the awareness of the mansion umbrella industry has made an important contribution; The first through the ISO9001:2000 international quality management standards; "Jinding" brand QingYuSan trademark first is recognized for zhejiang saves famous label. The economic indicators for ten years in the mansion counterparts, jinding umbrella industry has made brilliant achievements.
      Jinding umbrella industry in great results at the same time, always adhere to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise. LvXin seedlings lead the capital contribution had built roads, to improve the league in the village of sea traffic appearance, golf umbrella  convenient travel and village economic development of the villagers, he helped; 2008 wenchuan earthquake, he not only contributes content, but also with the shaoxing daily joint rebuilding tents elementary school, and actively support the earthquake-stricken area. This summer, LvXin seedlings from the news that the 8 th games for the disabled in hangzhou will be opening, he decided to donate time umbrellas, security service and other supplies, worth $1.09 million. Between July this year, LvXin seedlings repeated visits to hangzhou, tossing and turning and went to contact the department financing, financing department personnel to LvXin seedlings dedication spirit is very appreciated.
      Speaking of umbrella culture, LvXin seedlings is speaking. folding umbrella  He said, like a enterprise, no culture is no connotation, all the products is also just a its form and material civilization development forever inseparable from the development of spiritual civilization, therefore the development of the enterprise also umbrella with its cultural development. He slogan is: "hold up Chinese umbrella culture, leading Chinese umbrella economy". For this, he invested 5 million RMB to jinding culture development fund was established, invested 3 million RMB to establish the new mansion people venture fund.
      In addition LvXin seedlings in the lead, created mansion umbrella cultural museum, this to show Chinese umbrella with the development history of the Chinese umbrella and a history of the development of the umbrella industry, omni-directional demonstration of our country umbrella culture, to promote the umbrella city people arduous pioneering, and to open up, does not fear the difficulty, to be the first spirit, the integration of the town umbrella cultural resources, carry forward mansion umbrella man entrepreneurial spirit, and ascension "Chinese umbrella city" grade, promote local economic development, will play a positive role.children umbrella   In the gallery for the umbrella story culture, is a  mansion umbrella industry history highlights of enrichment, is an inheritance entrepreneurial spirit of the vivid carrier, is an important and unique cultural window, hope mansion make good use of the window and platform, highlighted further and display an umbrella culture, expand the influence of mansion, promote the culture grade of mansion, promote the construction of spiritual civilization to write "Chinese umbrella city" the new chapter of make an important contribution.
      LvXin seedlings believe small umbrella can also hold up big industry, more can hold up a great love of clear sky. We have reason to believe that umbrella culture and the integration of love, and extended, can let the pace of development in the way jinding more composed, the future more exciting!
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
Main Product:beach umbrella ,golf umbrella ,folding umbrella ,children umbrella
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