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Hold up the rural economy development "umbrella"

        "Since the big trumpet, installation here farmers are used to every afternoon here to listen to the weather forecast. Everyone said, the weather forecast for farming, life has guiding role, hope to install a little early warning horn, so coverage will be more big some." Along the creek in hunan province town salon village party branch secretary should be mei tan said.
        On September 22 afternoon, the reporter a bank from the city of fujian, 30 km to drive along the creek town salon village. This is a small mountain village far away from the county seat, appear in before is large grew well of vegetables, beach umbrella green balsam pear, red peppers...... Pollution-free vegetables to the local villagers brought four seasons harvest and the life to get rich quick. Now absalom village is already the LiuYangShi village of agriculture a beautiful scene.
        Along the creek into town salon village meteorological information service station, the first thing that catches the eye is hung up the walls of rural meteorological disasters measures, meteorological correspondents working duty and weather information service station related situation and so on propaganda prints, next to put the rural meteorological observatory of servers and liquid crystal TV. After the completion of the service station, city many times correspondents meteorological training organization, from equipment routine maintenance, ground observation, agricultural meteorology basic business to weather the popular science knowledge, golf umbrella  tan should may a also doesn't miss. He told reporters: "as the meteorological feedback time each day, in addition to checking maintenance meteorological facilities, once received text messages, the met the first time it receives, and report by phone, text messaging, and other means to tell the village cadres, planting large and the villagers, prevent severe weather in advance. The meteorological information service station was completed, the villagers can prompt understanding the weather changes!"
        In the interview process, to hear the most word is "meteorological department for farmers do good". A just busy farm work villagers said: "I want to thank weather service, as long as the weather changes, just ahead of the building with village loudspeakers broadcast repeatedly, farmers can hear." a wash dish is the big shen also praise: "farmers are too need weather information, to rural installation meteorological warning display screen and big trumpet, is really to farmers do a great job!"
        In a large LuLuCongCong vegetables base, long hair vegetable production cooperatives President LuoChangGen was pleased to introduce to the reporter, "this year we vegetable production value may be double. Today's weather service not only provides the weather forecast, and farming Suggestions, has the very good guidance significance. folding umbrella  The weather information and vegetable production more security."
And reporters in the course of the exchange, tan should may also puts forward some ideas: "our village planting to give priority to, among them grow vegetables 80%, we always need weather information and also hopes to farmers in and out of place, install on display, the play of the big day weather forecast, NongQing briefing etc. So that the effect will be better."
        At present, in the disaster areas, agricultural production, thunder high-risk area, studied the tourist area, LiuYangShi has built up 35 set of DAB meteorological warning broadcast and 6 piece of electronic display screen, and based on this, children umbrella  continue to strengthen cooperation with the department of water resources, build 80 warning horn, at the same time, in the demonstration site and meteorological XinXiZhan add 14 piece of the LED display. Once a disaster happens, meteorological department will be the first time will weather information through the early warning horn and convey their farmers to display screens, etc, and avoid unnecessary loss, to let farmers really experience the meteorological information is the production of living "the good helper" and "umbrella".
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