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Zhenjiang paper umbrella "world expo" memory

      "Paper umbrella like wood, rice, oil, salt, the old person is not the thing of zhenjiang at home." Yesterday afternoon, this year has 93-year-old old man LiXiang jade from the box to find a well preserved paper umbrella said, this or that year her dowry? beach umbrella  "Zhenjiang system umbrella industry the most filled, the street are almost making paper umbrella and its accessories small mill." LiXiang jade old man recalled, previously, the paper umbrella zhenjiang is very famous, outsiders to buy a handful of zhenjiang will take home.
      This is a bamboo bone paper umbrella, red umbrella face was turning blue, oil painting above the 4 a delicate and charming peony. See, this paper umbrella used several times, as the decades passed, can still smell a tung oil taste.LiXiang jade light to wipe away the umbrella body old man said: "this paper umbrella before each people have, the tale of the white snake" x in hangzhou west lake in the rain, the white niang son gave him shelter from the rain is this umbrella......"
      As time passes by, the paper umbrella now process trival has been convenient and practical cloth replaced the umbrella, pulled out of the people's life. But, paper umbrella and not fade out the memory of people, a lot of old people are still clearly remember, once the rainy day, zhenjiang streets and "bloom" the profusion "umbrella flower", the special tung oil in the air in wet aroma diffuse.
Memory is not only the case.
      In the ShiZhi zhenjiang "have such a record-in May 1926, zhenjiang CaoYuXing paper umbrella factory in paper umbrella world exposition in American Philadelphia exposition. Reporter from the material that, when CaoYuXing system umbrella factory workers of about 400 people, the annual output of 150000 "patriotic" trademark paper umbrella,  golf umbrella  sold in Shanghai, jiujiang, haizhou, after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, CaoYuXing paper umbrella factory went bankrupt.
      Even so, but the paper umbrella and zhenjiang no so die. Now in the west area also umbrella, once in zhenjiang system umbrella factory work of the big ye high this year was 73 years old. And an umbrella for my whole life occasions he, for zhenjiang umbrella has a special memory. "Just liberation, zhenjiang have leaves Renaissance, XueZhenXing, to the Renaissance, WuZhengTai, song, WangYuLong, ZhangFuXing, such as ZhuZhenTai more than 10 system umbrella shop." High big ye recalled, later founded the umbrella and gradually working group, the 1950 s also established the zhenjiang system umbrella production cooperatives, specializing in the production of YouZhiSan and oil BuSan, more than 80 people a year can produce more than 50000.
      "Since then cooperatives was renamed the zhenjiang system umbrella factory, to start producing steel bone QingYuSan, products in zhenjiang and sell like hot cakes, jiangsu area until the 1980 s, because market, raw materials and other factors, the zhenjiang system umbrella industry to production state. In" High big ye not says regretfully, history glorious zhenjiang paper umbrella industry disappear on the horizon, leaving only on paper umbrella memories......
      "Make a paper umbrella, more than 80 procedure, folding umbrella  want to have the bamboo, cotton paper, tung oil and other major materials, but also a pigment, cane silk, printing and other supporting service industries." Speaking of zhenjiang paper umbrella production, high big ye has plenty to say: "headquarter for bamboo, represents the longevity, moral hugely increased; for round, meaning and happy umbrella, the reunion, peace; DaGongZhi umbrella can choi fook, bless safe and good luck......"
      "Hold on a YouZhiSan, alone in the long, long hesitation and lonely rain lane......" The light sentimental and dai wangshu in nostalgia emotions, reminded us to disappear already a long time of zhenjiang paper umbrella memory.
      This year is 61 years old LiXiaoGuang citizens of the old paper umbrella has also not forget: "before the establishment of the new China, we can't afford to buy an umbrella, the poor families with rain hat wearing rain is given priority to, out of town, children umbrella  to get them into paper umbrella bag, horizontal hangs over the shoulder, feel special spirit." LiXiaoGuang says to the reporter, at that time I like the most support paper umbrella, in rain struggled to rotate umbrella handle, an umbrella on the rain off splashing around...
      "These days, the paper umbrella can only in cultural gifts, decoration, souvenirs, etc to see." And let people delight, the reporter understands, at present our city's Dan ACTS, danyang, jurong etc, and some folk artists and started making zhenjiang paper umbrella, and some of the tourist attractions in zhenjiang, these paper umbrella and start with all have met. This allows us also to some, perhaps it is not long, zhenjiang paper umbrella and will start their own "the trip."
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
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