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Maple leaves "umbrella: beautiful like flowers

      After years of unremitting efforts, and thankful the focus of the society and the support, the red leaves the company well-grounded thin hair. Now a domestic system umbrella industry one of the leading enterprises, is the national system umbrella industry, deputy director of the unit; Maple leaves QingYuSan series products is "the satisfaction of users of the product list, zhejiang saves famous brand products; Maple leaves trademark was also state administration of industry and commerce recognized as "Chinese famous brand". beach umbrella Maple leaves the company has become China's umbrella industry the most potential development and the vitality of the business enterprise one of.
All this honor and glory of the creator, is zhejiang red leaves system umbrella Co., LTD. YuChengRong librarian.
      In the 1980 s, YuChengRong as did the yiwu business people, family workshop mode for an umbrella pieces processing, and in 1986, take the lead in building the yiwu standard factory building, yiwu town was thick dragon system umbrella factory, also marks the yiwu umbrella industry from now on over family mill production stage, into the factory production period.
      1999 yiwu thick town longfeng system umbrella factory was renamed yiwu hongye system umbrella Co., LTD, 2002 officially changed its name to zhejiang red leaves system umbrella Co., LTD.
      Maple leaves in YuChengRong company under the guide of rapid development, the products exported to all over the country, and won many honors, many results laid the maple leaves in Chinese umbrella industry umbrella of status. But YuChengRong soberly realize, if brand awareness is not strong, the marketing way lags behind, the will to tap into the market with more negative factors.
      Maple leaves no compromise, ZhiNanErShang. 2006 proposed red blue ocean strategy: product line extension improve product competitiveness;golf umbrella   For better promotion hongye brand awareness, improve maple leaves the brand image, brand connotation interpretation, lean strength to make China famous brand, the company invited entertainers, intellectual beauty xu jinglei brand image spokesperson for the red leaves, for its innovative temperament and fashion connotation, red leaves the umbrella brand image interpretation. In 2009, "red" brand by the state administration of industry and commerce recognized for a famous Chinese trademark, but also a man of the red leaves to sure and praise.
Depending on the for floating clouds yesterday, today the starting point. And you "empty cup for zero" state of mind, is red leaves people never complacent, the pursuit of excellence in permanent goal.
Throughout the domestic umbrella industry, sweep, folding umbrella  not into that back. In 2011, is the red leaves people face market the year of luxuriant turned. To company management team, the operation mechanism of transformation of the adjustment, after red leaves, will continue to meet customer needs and comply with market trend for direction, with more efficient, more accurate marketing service consciousness, link up the national more than 300 dealers information communication mechanism and provide consumers with more suitable products and the need for value-added service, improve consumer products using experience identities.
      Looking to the future, people believe, focus on the Chinese market wide space, relying on yiwu commodity as of this location advantage,children umbrella  to the quality to ensure that, by the good faith as the link, with flexible and loose company management mechanism, zhejiang red leaves system umbrella Co., LTD. In the vast customers and consumers' trust and the help, will flourish.
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
Main Product:beach umbrella ,golf umbrella ,folding umbrella ,children umbrella
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