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The Jiande three town four measures to boost Umbrella restructuring and development

hree of umbrella companies of more than 120, the 150 million annual output of an umbrella stand, finished umbrella 12 million and annual output Auto open and close fold umbrella value of 800 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 40 percent of the town's industrial output value, driven by more than 6,000 jobs, new labor processing revenue of more than 8000 million. All three towns to strengthen measures to accelerate the restructuring and development of the umbrella industry.

The first is to enhance the level of quality. The path of technological innovation, enterprise technology reform, transformation Beer bottle umbrella of economic development, provide technical guidance to help industry leading product quality and technical indicators have reached abroad, the international advanced level; with universities, research institutions, research cooperation, continuous improvement of product design and manufacturing standards for improving product quality and new product development. Second, the implementation of brand strategy. With Chinese umbrella Town "platform, carry out the regional branding to promote the gathering of factors of Silver coated umbrella production, increasing market share and other regional brands to create the basic work; guide enterprises to use the brand management, virtual management, integration, operation, etc., build technology, capital, brands and other specialized organizational system as a link. The third is the development of processing. The face of rising raw material costs, labor scarcity, and other tests, and actively develop the processing of an umbrella stand. To form a gradient pattern of development as a leader of industry and trade enterprises as the backbone of manufacturing enterprises, and supporting enterprise based enterprises in family Advertising umbrella workshops to supplement the industry. The fourth is to strengthen the association building. Give full play to the role of its information services, in promoting the umbrella development of multilateral consultations and market development; optimize government services, and actively build the information, resources exchange platform to strengthen the interaction between the enterprise and to form a conducive umbrella industry massive economic transformation and upgrading the external environment.
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