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The electronic commerce leading umbrella industry industry alliance rapid development

      Umbrella industry industry associations, located in the domestic professional system umbrella industry portal, is China's umbrella industry information release preferred platform. Platform for an umbrella industry to provide users with umbrella industry brand, umbrella brand ranking, all kinds of umbrellas-the sun umbrella price, such investment promotion agency, joining umbrella information release, the latest umbrella industry are looking for opportunities and industry news dynamic, etc. At present, the umbrella industry trade union online, the truth of the largest immediately umbrella industry group heaven the favour of umbrella, beach umbrella tens of thousands of yuan in the front page of gold buyout advertising a, LongXiang umbrella industry also unwilling to lag behind, dominate the another gold advertising a. At present, many domestic famous umbrella industry brand, all hope that through this authority of emerging umbrella industry industry alliance e-commerce platform get more brand promotion opportunity,golf umbrella  but can be by the brand and the business agent, the open platform between the brand and the consumer effective connection, realize win-win three parties.
      Umbrella industry industry alliance advantage: the first time understanding market information, understand customers' needs, providing timely, accurate and effective comprehensive information service. Will the product and brand information presented to regardless of regional, from limited-period specific user groups, and at the same time to the general system umbrella manufacturers to provide the best products and brand promotion of the new channel,folding umbrella   broaden the supply channel products and sales channels. With that umbrella industry and information further fusion and penetration. Based on this enterprise, and between the upstream and downstream industry chain, and the supply and demand of  both parties of the interaction between communication.
      In addition, users can through the computer, mobile phones, digital TV first time to visit our platform, and find their own needs of the relevant information. At the same time, to come in from members of the platform to provide the best price booths, children umbrella  advertising bits, etc, in hubei daily JingChuWang under the assistance for the manufacturer, distributor and provide a series of auxiliary propaganda. Expand enterprise well-knownness, the expanded its good at the influence of the industry.
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
Main Product:beach umbrella ,golf umbrella ,folding umbrella ,children umbrella
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