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Zhejiang Umbrella formally entered a the wireless new era famous

forwarding to forward to Sina microblogging forwarded to Sohu microblogging forwarded to Tencent microblogging forwarded to the QQ space Beach chair umbrella forwarding to forward all network Douban forwarded to the mobile phone network, Beijing 2012 and hearing to -10-08 (PRIMEZONE) - with the 3G markets are maturing, Zhejiang Umbrella platform as the authority of the platform in the industry will be in early October, was officially launched investment, more businesses and consumers as soon as possible to enjoy 3G with anytime, anywhere to carry releases with convenient received.

With the arrival of 3G era, the increasing influence of mobile-based Internet, Auto kid umbrella spread to all aspects of people's life, work, entertainment, etc.. 3G network on behalf of closely integrated with the new technology of the industry's top mobile Internet, meet the needs of all aspects of the people. The rapid development of China's 3G, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou evolution the day the Jusan plant general manager Mr. Zhang Jujiang see the potential market value of this field.
Author: Shangyu Tiancheng Umbrella Co.,Ltd
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