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South parasols industry yourselves quality, open a sunny day

      In the past, the south is always the umbrella of low-grade parasol pronoun. In recent years, through the strict quality and realize the umbrella industry upgrade and into big cities in south parasol, and successfully "knock" opened the door of the international market, the umbrella industry market "hold on" opened a sunny day.
      Recently, a friend of the laughing back to go abroad to reporters: "south parasols not simple ah, we did a study in Australia, it began to rain, we hurry to the store to buy an umbrella, I opened up a look, wow! It is south parasols." In fact, beach umbrella  not only scored the south parasol Australian market, at present, nanyang several umbrella industry company continuous innovation, quality, tree brand to high-end customers into field, quality products will be sold to Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, and in the international market by place favour.
      In the early years south parasol once considered synonymous with low-grade umbrella. How to change the primary production technology, realize the umbrella industry upgrading transformation, nanyang is painstakingly. The reporter found visit, be good at study of nanyang up and down in quality works hard, improve the product quality and make the traditional umbrella coruscate gives the new vitality.
      At present, the south will ascend the firm umbrella parasol degree on the improve quality of headlines. The material of the original is south parasol 45 steel is given priority to, now to gradually improve with 60 # steel, some high-grade umbrella to use the 70, steel, and heat treatment, make an umbrella pole, Lord headquarter wall thickening than the original, the umbrella steel wire in bold than the original. To 58 cm for 10 headquarter for example style, golf umbrella  was 1.3 kg, rise to 1.5 kilograms more now, and some models weight reached 2.3 kg. The original umbrella stem to galvanized give priority to, is changed to chrome plated; Headquarter based on from its original galvanized to improve the paint. Due to the improvement of the material and process improvement, south parasols greatly improves the firmness, and to promote the wind strength and rust resistance.
      Emphasizing details, promote ascension is also south parasols industry to improve quality of a big move. According to information, south parasol umbrella surface cloth is original 170 T polyester silk cloth give priority to, now in case of ultraviolet ray to 200 T change color (dragon), silk jacquard yarn-dyed fabrics is given priority to, and is equipped with all kinds of colourful design and embroidery. In addition, sewing process but also keep improving, folding umbrella  with cloth sew 5 cm length, for example, was 10 to 13 needle, now increased to 15 stitches above. Hand sewing, from the original is fine line to the thick thread sewing now sewing, and according to the umbrella surface color matching sewing.
      Now, in the pursuit of quality improvement south parasol at the same time, but also the pursuit of design diversified and exquisite packaging. South parasols style now have broken umbrella series, long pole umbrella series, process umbrella series and so on the fashion leisure umbrella, tourist attractions umbrella, archaize collection umbrella... Full of beautiful things in eyes, meet the needs of different consumers.
      Quality has increased, sales also progressed steadily. Nowadays, south parasols industry in succession to big cities, shopping malls propulsion. Recent hangzhou tianbao umbrella industry limited company in wuhan city and into the 6 a big supermarket, especially wuhan suppress, subordinates, has more than 1000 stores, greatly improved the grade and popularity south parasol. The company this year as wahaha group has more than 20 ten thousand production advertising umbrella, for WangLaoJi group production advertising umbrella 80000, zhejiang TV station, children umbrella  central television production advertising umbrella tens of thousands of the... At the same time, the company to explore foreign markets, to India, Malaysia, Nepal and other countries and regions sales hundreds of thousands of umbrella, 120000 in January 2010, the foreign trade order has also signing. Due to improve quality, south parasols sales momentum value, many nanyang entrepreneurs say, the next step to tap into international sales market, seek greater profit space.
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
Main Product:beach umbrella ,golf umbrella ,folding umbrella ,children umbrella
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