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For a small business worker supporting the umbrella

      Recently, hangzhou human resources and social security bureau of tonglu county labor 3 people above 50 people the following enterprise of check the labor contract, the inspection of the key for business service industry. The inspection group randomly county foot bath, beauty salon, drug stores, restaurants, stores, hotels and other 10 home business service enterprises, from the labor contract, set up enterprise rules, register establish, attendance standard and so on examination. Judging from inspection, these trade service enterprise of the labor contract rate of 92%, in hangzhou seven county (city) is the head of the district.
      Since the 2008 years since the implementation of labor contract law, in related functional departments of the propaganda and promotion, tonglu county of scale enterprise labor contract situation has gradually become standard, but small and medium-sized enterprise especially building, catering, entertainment, business and commerce, etc. Work recruitment fluidity big industry labor contract rate is low, some business owners optional infringement of rights and interests of employees, some employees any fry enterprise "squid". Because do not sign labor contract, cause the employer and the employee labor compensation and working requirement is not clear labor dispute, solve up very difficult. According to the labor contract law "regulation, beach umbrella unit of choose and employ persons from the date of accepting more than one month but less than a year and laborer not to conclude a written employment contract, it shall each month pay to the employee twice his wage, so not sign labor contract to the enterprise and employees to bring both sides will be an extremely negative influence.
      Since march this year, tonglu county labor and social security bureau (street) based on rural labor security agencies into the employing unit, the key is to hire more workers and construction, hotels and catering, manufacturing, trade and business service and other small and medium-sized enterprise promoting simple labor contract demonstrative text, face to face with the way the employing unit set up roster of worker urged; Guide the workers and the enterprise according to legal procedure and method to sign labor contract, and guide the enterprise shall,golf umbrella according to law, working out rules and regulations; Check the small businesses to participate in social insurance, urge enterprise for laborer of social insurance, etc. After hard, now tonglu county small and medium-sized enterprise labor contract rate obviously improved, which protects the employing unit and labourers both sides of the legitimate rights and interests.
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