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The characteristics of the village to create on Umbrella

Chinese umbrella Township, Nanyang circulating a saying: the Xiaoshan Umbrella look at the Nanyang, Nanyang Umbrella look cross Punta. The Nanyang earliest Umbrella enterprise is established in the village of Wang Peng, and then gradually developed. Wang Peng village has Umbrella enterprise more than 40, which belongs to Nanyang street Heart shape umbrella Umbrella enterprises above designated size, there are seven, the people in the umbrella work is hundreds of thousands.

Itself has the advantages of umbrella development, how to highlight the umbrella brand, build Umbrella culture, became a cross the Punta villagers concerned about the event. Today, Wang Peng village clutching create opportunities for new rural characteristics of the village, to highlight the umbrella gathering livable Wang Peng, featuring the umbrella of industrial Auto open and close fold umbrella agglomeration and theme development to create the main body of the work to develop planning, a lot of manpower, material actively to create a livable, should be the industry's umbrella characteristics of the village.

Wang Peng-east entrance of the gantry is being installed in the construction, unique style of the south entrance of the umbrella logo has stood up to six distinct features of the umbrella culture logo and signage has been installed, Beach chair umbrella a 300 m long South Line cross Punta Umbrella Street facade renovation underway ... Umbrella features the image of the village precisely because of these little by little changes gradually enhanced.

These external image to create just to create a part of the Umbrella characteristics of the village work, Wang Peng village party secretary Jin Guowei Description: "Create Umbrella characteristics of the village total investment of about 10 million yuan, the project be completed in phases, this year, in addition to the construction of the external image, will complete many Printed umbrella supporting projects, such as migrant a staff apartment to complete the village main road and public places, street light installation and to ensure that group-level road lighting rate of 85%. "
Author: Shangyu Tiancheng Umbrella Co.,Ltd
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