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Small mushrooms open "to get rich umbrella"

      In the fangshan county, up  this people, many people will thumbs up, because in the local wholesale vegetable industry, she won a drive and intelligence rushes out a piece of belong to oneself heaven and earth, becomes the local famous expert to get rich, and drive farmers grow mushrooms around together, on the way to get rich.

       NongGuNv GuPin ambition is hard
       was born in 1977, she has been in his class at school is a good student, but because of the families are poor, junior middle school after graduation she had to choose discontinue home. In 1994, she and north wudang town house in the village of bottom a good later met to get married. After marriage, husband and wife two dreams of the future better life, in the village of a little alcohol and tobacco fusi sales department. In 2002,beach umbrella both the husband and wife family came to LiShi, rely on his hands to fight began to dream, first contracting a restaurant, but because tear open change, the first business do only eight months. Later in the day, her husband ran up a taxi, also not idle, put stall in the summer, QiZaoTanHei sell breakfast, the weather is cold in winter, while she was busy contact with the hotel, at home while processing dumplings pasta.
      In 2005 the Mid-Autumn festival, and goes home to see her husband, took out his in-laws to eat "strange things" let their taste. Originally,  mother-in-law in the village LinXian people built greenhouse shed jobs, and greenhouse produce of that was rare mushrooms in the market. Xianggu mushroom is the world's second largest edible fungus, known as the "mountain delicacies" say, its taste delicious and nutritious. sudden inspiration, produced ZhongGu idea, she was immediately came to the village of greenhouse canopy know the situation, and a master and greenhouse sale agreement. Back to LiShi ago, her one-time took 20 kg mushrooms.golf umbrella  At that time in the range of eating mushrooms lvliang rarely, in "expresses the people not to" dilemma, in order to open up an outlet,  a numerous people move back and forth in each hotel ascend a marketing, and finally, on her of lobbying by the crook, the LiShi several hotel owners try ran the xianggu mushroom dishes, the results big popular. In,  also working as mushrooms sold the business, she not only to the hotel sell products, and run up the vegetables wholesale market, although earn money is hard, but mushrooms business finally getting better day by day.

      A risk contracting canopy
      With a good sales, originally the village of the little source of greenhouse has been in short supply,  thought if can produce more mushrooms. At this time, just the village of greenhouse shed a master better investment project, want to sub-contract the greenhouse. In  before is big good thing, also have a lot of risk. Say good thing, because of the mushroom greenhouse, can plant trees, their sales, realize a production and marketing; Said there was a risk, before is just sell, and contracted, mushroom is a high-tech product, faces a difficult technical problems and management problems, one thousand out of some mistakes, will make the whole compensate hard capital in.
      In 2009,  take risks, contracted for the village greenhouse. Her hand hired henan teacher is responsible for technical guidance, on the other hand out to buy the savings the ancillary machinery. In order to further improve the xianggu mushroom's production, first out of town to grow large county of henan province of edible fungi XiXiaXian "to take". In the strange place, in order to save money, in the form of her work the labor and learn, in two months,folding umbrella   hardship, BuPaLei, pinching pennies, avid, she mastered the related technology of edible fungi shitake mushrooms. Come back to my hometown, learning technology is applied to their greenhouse, mushroom production has improved a lot. Then, established named after me planting professional cooperatives, and in LiShi hungnam vegetables wholesale market under the Clinton wholesale booth. The parents have shed in greenhouse care, she put the idea with all in expanding the xianggu mushroom wholesale. During this time, she get up early every day three and four, a single people riding a bicycle to wholesale market.

      Bigger and stronger mushrooms industry
      As a native of north wudang town,  profoundly know, the hometown people production conditions of the poor, the life level is still relatively low, she wormed for local people to think, in her in the greenhouse, and workers are all is local, has more than 20 a busy, busy have five or six. Not much later planting the xianggu mushroom gradually on track, children umbrella  mushroom wholesale business more and more good, at present,  cooperatives products in foods production, wholesale and high-grade dry mushrooms gift sales, product radiation LiShi, LiuLin, ZhongYang, LinXian, etc.
      At present,  and her professional cooperatives puts forward "leading drive" strategy, to implement the "company + peasant household" and "enterprise + base" mode, actively development contract farming, the company provides technical support and the raw material supply, unified purchase farmers grow of mushrooms. and her cooperative mission is to further develop and expand mushrooms industry, let more people rely on growing mushrooms rich as soon as possible.
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