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WFA Seeks Direct Consumer Feedback

    The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) is building an online hub to encourage direct feedback from consumers about their perception of online advertising, as part of its year-long ‘Project Reconnect’ programme.
    WFA, which comprises a network of national advertiser associations and more than 60 of the world's biggest marketers, has recently set out its commitment to implementing an industry-wide self-regulatory standard for online behavioural advertising, developed under the umbrella of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA).
    Its new consumer feedback initiative aims to provide open dialogue with consumers on controversial ad issues such as obesity, the commercialisation of children, sustainability, and privacy.
    Commenting on the initiative, WFA Director of Public Affairs, Malte Lohan said: ‘We're interested in having a dialogue with real people in order to understand how they see advertising as a practice - what they welcome and what they'd suggest - by using digital media for real-time direct discussion.’
    The project's first phase, conducted in collaboration with Firefly Millward Brown, looked at the issue of digital marketing to children and involved conversations - face-to-face through focus groups and via closed social media platforms - with parents and children.
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