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With "the daughter-in-law" get rich together

     Young, warm-hearted, capable, speak always smiling, this is HouZhuQing to first impressions of reporters.
     HouZhuQing is shandong heze man, early in 2004 to YiPeng working here for her there are many places not accustomed to, she said: "here is not the steamed bread but rice, to speak here don't understand......" However, after a few years, beach umbrella the shandong sister not only into the righteous streets (in the village of nansha daughter-in-law, still take a daughter-in-law in the village with the venture to become rich.
     In 2007, and many women in the village, after getting married of HouZhuQing became a housewife, trying to take care of the family, but she also hope to help her husband share some economic pressure. In April, 2010, HouZhuQing certain xiaoshan east seam umbrella industry development opportunity, when working with skills and experience, HouZhuQing in support of your family, the first bought 4 a sewing car started to processing an umbrella bag. "The first transaction actually is difficult, and some umbrella industry contact business, but not trust. After many communications, manufacturer I know to all kinds of processing really are very familiar with the umbrella bag, made the deposit to get the business." HouZhuQing told reporters, and now their own small factory with reliable quality and credit, and has won a lot of umbrella industry manufacturers recognition, up to now, shaoxing, xiaoshan and a number of umbrella industry factory establish business relations, business constantly, the car also increased to 11 sewing machine, also invite applications for a job of the village of eight women.
     "The village women say to her job as a HouZhuQing golf umbrella service for the village women." The nansha village women more than beautiful director told reporters, manufacturer to HouZhuQing umbrella bag processing is every 0.08 yuan, her work to other women price also is 0.08 yuan, and each month issued on time. "Sites, machines are you provide, take orders, delivery is also responsible for you, so you can make money?" Facing journalists' don't understand, HouZhuQing smiled, she said: "I and they will have to do much, how many money, everyone is always sorry folks neighbor, make their money. The small factory every month has 200000 umbrellafolding umbrella bag can processing, each a month is 2000 yuan can earn money. Although not much, but can take care of two children, still can help the village and sisters, I do the employment also happy!"
     "Work here very free, home something still can go back to look after, mothers children also convenient transport. Previously in factories have fixed duty time, please a false all difficult, let alone care family. Now when housewife, busy housework is idle, can to make some money!" Officer wei is from sichuan province daughter-in-law, after the Chinese New Year this year began here in HouZhuQing processing umbrella bag. The same is nonlocal daughter-in-law, LiAiZhenchildren umbrella  also like the work here. In her eyes, the job also can and village more to their daughter-in-law other communication is very good.
     The end of the interview, the daughter-in-law had their respective home the cook the dinner,    HouZhuQing aside from her mother-in-law received his children HongDou, on either side told reporters: "I want my own small processing plant scale more and more big, can let more daughter-in-law are not out of the village can work."
Author:Zhejiang shangyu tiancheng umbrella industry Co., LTD
Main Product:beach umbrella ,golf umbrella ,folding umbrella ,children umbrella
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