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LiChuan "recruit built for" made "jiangxi regional central city fujian marginal"

Recently, an investment of 120 million yuan RMB, annual output of 25 million meters and 20 million meters and a half PU synthetic leather, synthetic leather, PU JiangXiZhong hope in the industrial company LiChuan county industrial park, the project was completed, the annual sales income is expected to up to 300 million yuan, tax delivery 9Gift fold umbrella million yuan. This is the county since September the development "one hundred days DaHuiZhan" has a gratifying since and results. This year 1 to October, the county gross industrial output value reached 3.914 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 33.76%; Revenue reached 547 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 35.6%; Fixed assets investment of 3.19 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 30.2%.
LiChuan county energetically carry out project impetusing strategy, and extending the investment promotion feelers, main attack big project, key projects, quickly lifted the main attack industry, the tactic construction, the struggle in a run of the boom. Around the ceramics, shoes clothes umbrella industry, plastic packaging, food processing, machinery manufacturing, and other key industry, and develop industry chain, industrial cluster investment promotion, accelerate introduce a group of accord with industrial guidance, high technology, highRose umbrella added value, at the big strong project, strengthen industrial supporting ability, extending the industrial chain, ascension of important industry cluster scale, and level. Since September, with 30 teams in investment promotion from north investment promotion activities, has introduced are the ceramics, new sea ceramics, huaming ceramics, YiFeng garment, shoe, TianZu's strong industry, the c&d umbrella industry, science and technology industrial investment and wealth of gold in 50 million yuan of above of industrial project 16, of which one hundred million yuan project seven. Zheng-science and technology, this music of fabrics project started building workshop, hao informative has put into production. In project development, the county also give full play to the old enterprise and the role of the scale enterprise, and guide encourage enterprises to go out, please come in, participate in the province, city Beer bottle umbrella project introduced docking, speed up the scientific research achievements, and promote enterprise product upgrades. This October, the county organization 10 ceramic enterprises in the 2011 jingdezhen international ceramics exposition and investment promotion project seminar, signing the order value of 200 million yuan, introduce two ceramic production new technology.
The county around to build the "marginal regional central city fujian and jiangxi" goal, birth and the rolling implement a group of urban construction projects. At present, the county has implement city 36 key projects, including 14 establishs project, and new construction project 22, the total amount of investment of 1.4 billion yuan. Xinfeng sports park, art theaters and other seven key projects are stepping up their construction.
The county has to carry out the "one hundred days Super mini umbrella DaHuiZhan" as a turning point, according to the lead foreign capital, combining the credit capital, live folk capital, the struggle state capital, strict financial capital requirements, increase a run for information dynamics, solve the problems in the construction of project shortage of funds. Up to now, the county run against a (in place of 70 projects, including such items, following 42 industrial class four, infrustructure class 12, countries in place money totaled 210 million yuan.
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